Education Expense Policy

Risk and Insurance Management Society
Connecticut Valley Chapter
Education Expense Policy
PURPOSE: To provide financial reimbursement of approved Risk Management education costs for CT Valley Chapter of RIMS members in good standing who have demonstrated financial need. 

The Chapter agrees to reimburse for Continuing Education Risk Mangement and Insurance related courses (i.e. ARM, CRM, CPCU) or other similar educational sessions for its members, if the member's employer isn't willing to, as long as such courses meet the criteria established by this Policy.

The Chapter will allocate $2,500 per year for the purpose of educational reimbursement.


The criteria for evaluating a request for funding a Risk Management Continuing Education course or session is as follows:

  • The requestor is a RIMS CVC member in good standing.
  • The member's employer is unwilling to fund the course or session.
  • An established, accredited provider offers the course, and the course is relevant to the Risk Management profession.
  • Textbooks and test fees related to the course are eligible for reimbursement. 

  • The RIMS CVC member submits a funding request for a qualifying course, identifying the cost of the course and any associated fees, to the Treasurer of CVC, who in turn presents it to the CVC Board for its approval.
  • The CVC Board of Directors will review the submission for full/partial reimbursement. If the submission meets the qualifications, a simple majority of the CVC Board will grant approval. The cap on any individual award is $500 per person per year of the available funds.
  • Upon completion of the approved course, the member must provide proof of passing the course or educational session, and submit the expense to the CVC Treasurer for reimbursement.


The Connecticut Valley Chapter (CVC) of RIMS will pay the registration fee for the current CVC President to attend the National RIMS Conference. The Chapter will only pay transportation and lodging expenses for the President to attend the Conference if the President's employer is not willing to fund them. In the event the President cannot attend the conference, the Chapter will pay for the conference registration fee for another board member(s), if the board member's employer is not willing to do so.